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Your financial support of Grace Hearing Center enables us to reach further as we continue to provide access to affordable hearing healthcare.

Financial Donations

  1. Make a secure donation online. Click here to make a secure donation!
  2. Mail a check to Grace Hearing Center 2542 E. Vistoso Commerce Loop | Oro Valley, AZ 85755
  3. Call our offices to give via credit card. 520.468.9976

Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

Do Twice The Good

You can do twice the good with your Arizona Charitable Tax Credit donation to Grace Hearing Center. This credit doubled in 2016!

Make your donation to Grace Hearing Center, then claim the dollar-for-dollar reduction in your Arizona state income tax when you file. It’s simple!

Married couples filing jointly may claim a credit up to $800
Individual filers may claim a credit Up To $400

Dollars you would otherwise pay in state taxes help us to meet the immediate needs of those in our community with hearing loss, and provide them hearing education and prevention. Help people to become strong and self-reliant!

Please remember Grace Hearing Center with your Charitable Tax Credit Donation.

Click here to make a secure donation!

Humanitarian Aid

Dr. Huch, her husband, and her teenage boys are going on another humanitarian aid trip to Zambia this summer. In 2017, 430 individuals were able to have their hearing checked, and 83 hearing aids were fitted.

We work with Fountain of Life as our on-ground partner in Zambia. Your donation will help the world hear better!

Click here to make a secure donation and learn more about our trip!

Hearing the Call is a nonprofit campaign bringing hope and healing to the hearing-impaired locally and globally. Through quality healthcare, we help people connect with family, education, and opportunities. Please consider donating to Hearing the Call to support our collective efforts, or purchase tickets for the Mandy Harvey Concert Series on March 19 in Los Angeles. Mandy Harvey is an award-winning America’s Got Talent winner who lost her residual hearing at age 19 and will sing and share her story with us.

Click here to donate or purchase tickets!

Donate Hearing Aids

Grace Hearing Center uses donated hearing aids to support our mission of building the self-worth of individuals by restoring their hearing potential and providing them with opportunities to engage with their communities through service to others. Your donation of a hearing device allows us to refurbish, repair or use that device for parts or credit.

The contribution you make helps us make an impact in families and communities by providing them with quality audiology care and great hearing aids!

Make your Donation today by dropping off your hearing aids at our office or mailing them to us at the following address:

2542 E. Vistoso Commerce Loop | Oro Valley, AZ 85755

If you have any questions please email us at

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You can help provide the Gift of Hearing!

Different Ways to Serve

  • Participate in the planning of our fundraising events
  • Spread the word on Facebook or email your friends and co-workers
  • Help out in our hearing center with filing or other paperwork
  • Solicit donations from friends, family, or from corporate sponsorships
  • Volunteer with other agencies to supply our volunteer “bank” with hours. This can help a patient who needs to complete service hours but faces health restrictions (like Chemotherapy) which may prevent him or her from dealing with the public. Your banked hours will directly benefit someone to receive the hearing help they need.

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